LEADER: Queen Valeniaimage
The most ancient of Tycoonian texts claim that the country and its denizens are the very descendants of magic. No, not simple magicians or wizards. Actual raw magic. The royal family of Tycoon, currently headed by the House of Arrowny, has ruled the country for centuries. The dynasty's popularity remains high due to their altruism and stubborn traditionalist views. The wave of industrialization sweeping across Gaia is something Tycoon wants to avoid. It has been slowly succumbing to economic stagnation due to its comparatively draconian policies and laws.

R.C. Tycoon

Located on the Ridorana Delta, the royal city of Tycoon is a testament to the majesty of magic. The city is a sight to behold -- wide avenues and riverside boulevards criss-cross the city with flower-crested bridges. The prominent Spire of Tellah, a symbol of the Tycoon royal family and its blood ties to magic, is at the city's heart. The residents of Tycoon are a holistic, peace-loving people. They are slow to adopt technological advances. Their needs are met in the same fashion as more advanced nations; however, they are more keen to seek avenues that make use of their penchant for magic and enchantment.


Ancient texts indicate Bhujerba was a city that flew high in the clouds. A mecca of magitek, they strove to bring the world into the future. At their height, they were an empire that stretched across most of modern-day Tycoon. In its waning days, the source that powered the island's magitek engine faltered and the city began falling. Seeing imminent doom, four Eidolons were summoned and they stopped the island's descent. Their aether spent, the Eidolons were then sent into a stone slumber. Highly xenophobic and secretive, Bhujerba has had little contact with the outside world for centuries. Any information about the city is highly valued.


Gariland is a magical college that doubles as a sprawling city. As a center of magical education, Gariland has a youthful and vibrant atmosphere. Charming sidewalk cafes and verdant parks facilitate an air of camaraderie. The population is almost entirely made up of students, sometimes their parents, professors, and any sort of person who wants to gain a high-level education in the magical arts. Gariland is the host of the Grand Games, an annual tournament where mages and warriors test their mettle. People come from around the world to participate in this (mostly) friendly competition, showcasing the best contenders for their countries.


Alternatively known as the City of Mages, Mysidia is where magic lives and breathes. Ensorceled objects do daily chores and charms refresh their effects like clockwork to drive daily life in the town. The haunted forest that surrounds the town is similarly enchanted -- its roads shift every day to ward off travelers. You are either born in or invited to Mysidia and, even more confusing, you are at the mercy of various Guilds that take an interest in talented mages. Theirs is a game of competition, opportunity, and one-upmanship. Given their love of contests, Mysidians are known for their aggressive nature.


Located on the tip of the Zephyr peninsula, Thamasa is a destination for lovers young and old. The story of Mithian and Neria, the legendary star-crossed paramours, exerts its influence throughout the entire town. The homage culminates in the glorious Fountain of Lovers located in the central Plaza della Maga. Thamasa's layout is shaped like a nautilus with cobblestone streets that spirals out from the plaza. Beautiful terraced villas on hills with verdant vineyards dot the surrounding countryside. A tourist trap of sorts, shops are filled with love potions and aphrodisiacs to perpetuate the romantic atmosphere.


Winhill's name comes from a bastardization of its ancient name "Vindhalla", which references the strong gales that would howl through its twin mountains. A town with a deeply symbiotic relationship with the dragons that dwell in the southern mountains, Winhill often acts as a gatekeeper to those who wish to catch a glimpse of the creatures. They are particularly vicious with intruders who try to make contact with them. Their policies aren't strictly isolationist though. The town itself is welcoming to those passing through. The villagers and dragons are protective of each other, and so strict rules were put in place to vet outsiders.