Earth Temple
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Fire Temple
MAESTER: Amari Serafimimage
UNIFORM: Loose silk garbimage
Nestled in a long-dormant lava vent of a volcano, the Fire Temple is one of the most beautiful structures to behold. Hosting a set of hot springs and a lake, it is inviting to outsiders who wish to stay and take a rest. The building itself is smallest of the all of the Temples and the most "intimate". As such, it tends to be fiercely protected. The Temple and its inhabitants take cues from the martial arts monasteries of Eblan. Their strict regimen is closely guarded — the volcano and its surrounding regions serve as practice areas.

Wind Temple
Located in the hollowed out peak of Mount Gulg, the Wind Temple is in a canyon that gives way to a howling, bottomless crevasse. The only way in (or out) is called the Chained Path — a narrow flight of stairs that sways against the roaring winds. It gets its name from the precariously placed steel chains that line the steps. With a close relationship to Tycoon, pilgrims make the dangerous journey year-round. The residents of the Wind Temple are thrust into a university-like atmosphere complete with professors on staff.

Water Temple
Resting inside of a cratered lagoon in the center of an island, the Water Temple is a paradise. While it may seem like a small, open-air sanctuary, the surrounding waters are able to hide the Temple's true nature. The majority of the Water Temple is located underwater. The main entrance is deep below the surface. Fortified with water-aspected magic, several rooms are either half-sunken or spouting water from the walls. Adopting a philosophy of meditation and tranquility has made the residents infamous for their self-control.

Lightning Temple
On the eastern foothills of Mount Kolts, a towering spire pierces through the clouds. The skies swirl with thunderstorms and lightning crackles against its blackened steel. Due to its connections with the Pharist church and Deist, the Lightning Crystal is viewed by the Temple and its guardians as a gift from Faram himself. As a result, their duties are always taken seriously. Life in the Lightning Temple is structured exactly like a military academy: they rise early, complete drills, and attend classes throughout the day.

Ice Temple
Carved out of a glacier in the eastern reaches of Cornelia, the Ice Temple is a foreboding place not for the faint of heart. This is the last stop for pilgrims on their journey. The temple is