LEADER: Don Alirio Cervantesimage
Reign over Solheim has changed many times throughout its embattled history. First founded as a set of island city-states, naval and air supremacy fortified Solheim to an almost impregnable level. Of course, until Archadia invaded. The Empire was able to subjugate the archipelago and render it an Imperial territory. Centuries after liberation, Solheim has emerged with a distinct, yet patchwork, culture crafted from the values of its former rulers and fellow island states. To everyone around the world, Solheim is considered the melting pot of Gaia, a fact the country flaunts with great pride.

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol, the crown of Solheim, is the home of the Don of Solheim and the headquarters of its Navy. A colorful playground for the nouveau riche and tourists from all across Gaia, it is a beacon of entertainment, fashion and creativity. Festivals and parades are common year-round, with even the most inane occasions being turned into extravagant celebrations that sometimes last for days. Costa del Sol's organized crime rings are some of Solheim's worst-kept secrets. Little known, however, is the fact that Solheim's leadership, the crime families, and the Navy often work together to monopolize power and keep order.


While Costa del Sol is the crown of Solheim, Altissia is its most prominent jewel. Built high on the cliffside of the tallest island in Solheim, and with a beautiful lagoon to boot, Altissia is a city of contrasting ideals and lofty ideologies. However, beneath its gem-encrusted carnival mask, there lies an underbelly to Altissia that many have heard of, but few experience. Nobles and common folk alike take part in the Gentleman's Gambit, a gladiatorial-style arena where blood is spilled. The Gambit is so entrenched in Altissian life that it is common for disputes to be settled, oftentimes in secret, in the arena.


A thriving city on one of the larger islands of Solheim, Zanarkand is well known for its extensive interest and support of Blitzball. A large portion of the city's traffic flow is made up of athletes that come from all over the world to train, compete, and try to be tapped by major league Blitzball recruiters. With the cheering crowds in the stands and lively competition in the sphere, underground gamblers and bookies make or take bets on events worldwide. Corruption, bribery, and blackmail are just the average price for fame. Due to its geographical location, Zanarkand has one of the largest and most decadent Blitzball stadiums in all of Gaia.


Kazham's history is unusually rocky for a settlement located in Solheim. Under the iron hand of Archadia, Kazham was a town that was transformed into a base of operations for its navy. It became a cutting-edge military installation with the latest technology, powerful machinery and specialized weaponry. When the Revolution happened and Archades retreated back to the homeland, Kazham was left with a population that didn't quite know what to do with themselves. And so, using the abandoned resources from Archades, the heads of Kazham decided to continue its former occupant's legacy of naval supremacy in the service of Solheim.


If one has a sensitive nose, this place might not be the first stop on their journey. With its odd smells, strange smoke, and eerie gas lighting, Daguerreo is a bustling steam-filled city that churns out every potion, poultice, perfume or poison imaginable. Ruled by two alchemy Houses, the two incredibly rich and powerful women known as the Countesses have demanded that all polite society choose a side. Their quest for the perfect elixir has crafted a tense rivalry among the two ateliers. With no end to their bitter feud in sight, the highest tiers of Daguerran guild society seems content with playing a grand game of duplicity and coercion.

Fisherman's Horizon

The smallest city and least influenced by the machinations of Solheim's government, Fisherman's Horizon, also known as FH, is a peaceful haven for all those who wish to leave the hustle and bustle of the larger islands. The local fish market might be as cutthroat as some shadier locations in Solheim, but there is no true "seedy underbelly" in Fisherman's Horizon. Instead, there is only the promise of catching big waves and even bigger fish. It is also home to the largest concert venue in all of Gaia, which serves as the backbone of FH's economy with its sizeable revenues from all sorts of events.