The Freelands
LEADERS: Various. Co-Prince Luzaf and Co-Prince Mogrin (Bervenia), Mayor Aldo (Gisahl), Lady Nashmeira (Zozo)
A network of interconnected land bridges, mountains, plains and valleys, with an island to boot, the Freelands have been virtually untouched by the squabbles of Gaia's sovereign nations. The cities in the Freelands were founded because of the desire to trade and exist on their own terms. Recognized as city-states by the rest of the world, they have their own isolated economies and trade agreements with other countries. Their leaders are present at every important council meeting and they have an open seat at diplomatic events.


Bervenia is the crossroads of the civilized world. Established as a pact between the jovial Moogles and mankind, Bervenia tries to maintain a sense of harmony with the diverse populace. Ruled by two co-princes, one human and the other a Moogle, they represent the accord between both races. Bervenia is the hub of Mognet. Their support brigade, who are all Moogles of course, helps keep the network running at optimal standards. Many people migrate to Bervenia to pursue their dreams, which the city often gladly extends a helping hand. However, many newcomers — far from home and with high expectations — end up falling through the cracks.


Gisahl is located on the Fovoham Plains, a sprawling patchwork of hills and dales located northwest of Tycoon. Hailed as the birthplace of Chocobos, ancient tribal clans used to roam the plains and partake in battles on birdback. As time went on, the village evolved into a beautiful city with gold-dipped spires and imported stone. Although Gisahl has changed, for better or for worse, one thing that hasn't changed is that they still hold fast to their traditions. They are true masters of chocobo rearing and training. While the newer generations want to bring Gisahl into the future, the older generation still clings to the old ways.


Carved deep into the jagged bay of a foreboding island, the city is infamously known as a den of murderers and thieves. Zozo makes Daguerreo look like a Pharist convent. Heavy traffic from ships coming and going congests the docks, creating a dizzying maze of masts and decks. Makeshift towers and bridges often made from derelict vessels form the roads of the city. The town is virtually lawless with its enforcers being its own citizens. A sort of vague honor code exists for the townspeople but it often bends to the will of the wielder, with laws being changed on a whim to suit the needs of those with power. Remember, there is no honor amongst thieves.