LEADER: King Roni Iimage
Figaro has been led by the Macias dynasty since the country's founding. The legend goes that powerful magic was woven into its throne with a simple mandate: a Macias dynast would always rule. Nowadays, magic has less of a place in Figaro due to King Roni's embrace of cutting-edge technology. The merit-based hierarchy of Figaroan society has made upward mobility possible and, more importantly, feasible. The Council have their own thinly-veiled agendas while the King sees fit to further his own, turning upper echelon politics into a game of terse smiles and underhanded deals.

Royal City Figaro

Royal City Figaro is where the King resides, overlooking his subjects from a castle on top of a sloped butte. The city's buildings gleam with gold-tinged, earthy-toned architecture and ornate stonework that was directly imported from distant lands. Figaro and its people move at breakneck speed, with an energetic and hectic atmosphere that, for some, leaves a lot to be desired. Centuries ago, a social welfare system was made into law that has benefited the poor. Upward mobility in Figaroan society is largely based on merit and skill, and it's not uncommon to see people from all socioeconomic strata advance to the King's court.


"Keeping up the mirage" is a constant theme in Damcyan. With a reputation for being resplendent and extravagant, the city is a case of not believing everything you see. This extends to its citizens — a combination of high-brow, high-born, and silver-tongued — though rumors may suggest otherwise. Despite its dazzling exterior, the city thrives on the contracts of Kamyuja, a network of mercenaries with a reputation for completing assignments with deadly, efficient means. Their use of music, dancing, the arts, and entertainment, along with a dash of etiquette, has given them credibility amongst other such organizations.


The isolated wonderland of Treno has something for everyone. The city, nestled in a deep valley with unscalable mountains on all sides, can only be reached by scheduled airships from certain aeroports. During the day, Treno has many open family-friendly amusement parks to explore. When the sun goes down and the lights come up, the city rears its ugly head. The nightlife in Treno is an addictive lifetime experience that people often attempt to recreate on subsequent visits. Exquisite casinos, shadowy brothels, and fine dining are bound to entice even the most miserly gambler. Make sure that you're betting honestly if you don't want to push your luck.


Gollund is the only settlement in Figaro where the land is arable enough to grow vegetation. At the foot of the westernmost mountain range, Gollund has become the heart of Figaro's agricultural livelihood and its proverbial bread basket. To help with irrigation, a hydroelectric plant was built further up the mountain and the river was dammed in order to harness the power of the flowing water. The town is leading Gaia in the application of new farming technologies and it has become known for its clever and innovative approaches. Unlike more traditional farmers, they revel in creating new ways to cultivate and reap crops.


Home is in the hull of a mechanical magitek-laden beast. Discovered during a extensive excavation in the deep desert hundreds of years ago, Home's founders were contracted by Figaro to relay all information and discoveries back to the capital. The founders, their families, and soon other adventurers, spelunkers, and treasure hunters made Home their base of operations. Now a town of innovative design, ramshackle neighborhoods were established along the edges of the structure. The people have also edged into the expansive side rooms that, with their strange traps and puzzles deciphered, were cleared for habitation.