LEADER: Elder Fireseer Tenzenimage
Eblan has had a difficult history. In ancient times, the lands northwest of Tycoon were inhabited by loosely connected nomadic tribes. These tribes rever the Eidolons as deities and they believe Crystals are living conduits to the spirit realm. Easily overpowered by the Archadian army, nearly half of the fledgling country became an Imperial province. East and West Eblan were unified by the warrior Sunhwang, who foresaw the rise of a new country through visions from the gods. Sunhwang would go on to become the first Elder Fireseer, the head of Yevonism and speaker for the gods.


Doma, the oldest city within Eblan, houses many secret practices of generations that have long since passed. Once an unwilling provincial capital for the Archadian Empire, this city is treated with reverence amongst those who study history or the arts. Doma is a living incarnation of history, always attempting to incorporate aspects of both modern and ancient customs. Doma has vast swathes of land in order to train and practice the mystic arts of the elders before them, along with imparting humility and self-sufficiency in all of their students. It teaches them to respect all inhabitants of Gaia -- plants, animals and humans alike.


Fabul is the first major city after crossing the landbridge between Eblan and the Freelands. A port city with a labyrinthine marketplace, Fabul is known for its generous, and often excessive, hospitality. Turn down a kind offering and you might find yourself being questioned by for being ungrateful. Fabul is known for having been occupied a few times by hostile forces, which led to the creation of an impressive city militia consisting mostly of monks, but also deadly swordsmen and other defenders. It should be no wonder that the city has produced some of the most prominent martial artists in Gaia.


Nestled in the mountains, Wutai is a city with a reputation for often being very difficult to reach. It is located a mile above sea level, which can strain the bodies of those not accustomed to the elevation. This city has a long and proud history of martial arts training but their most storied tradition lies in teaching the ways of the ninja. Any ninja worth their salt will attempt the trek to Wutai to complete part of their training there. Wutai's citizens value feats of strength and, as such, their leader is chosen through honorable combat. Power is only transferred by the defeat of the previous leader.


A city of stone with babbling brooks and cherry blossom trees that line the promenades, Tzen tends to have much more of a reserved atmosphere. Life in the city is highly structured with a feudal system that they are immensely proud of and they strive to uphold its traditions. Swordsmanship is highly prized and children are taught how to hold a sword as soon as they are able. The city has a strong army, but the lords of Tzen often supplement their ranks with samurai whose fealty is to cold, hard gil. While it has an impressively diversified marketplace, Tzen is world famous for both its eclectic selection of seafood and tattoo artistry.


Secluded on a island off the west coast of the mainland, Kilika is a town that lives in complete harmony with nature. There is a volcano at the heart of the island that keeps it warm, allowing for lush vegetation to grow and stay green all year round. Thermal vents heat the underground water reserves. As a result, Kilika has its very own hot springs. Health spas have since become a commodity in Gaia, especially for those looking to recuperate. Kilika has become known for its natural medicine, as most of its powerful curatives and strange potions stem from the exotic plants that only grow in the dense rainforests surrounding the town.


Kaipo is an oasis town and the central hub for the Kaipo Express; although, at first glance, it definitely might not look like it. The Express has made a name for itself, with offices across the world and their employees acting as couriers to nobility and commoners alike. The town has built a decent economy for itself, with many of its natives serving as travel guides throughout Eblan. The guides always seem to know the best ways to get around the country. As closest in proximity to the Fire Temple, it is a major stopping point for those who wish to visit. There is a palpable air of self-importance among the locals for this reason.