LEADER: Admiral Cidolfus Highwindimage
A country with a long history of war and subtle aggression, Deist has repeatedly forced itself upon its neighbors. The Cardia Crusades, a decades-long war with Deist and Tycoon on opposing sides, all but annihilated nearby Cardia and its dragons. While the ordeal still casts a pall over the greater continent's relations, the Dominion has been reaping the benefits of a strengthened economy. Perhaps because of its tense relationship with magic, Deist's military-led hierarchy leads to a culture that views mages as second-class citizens or, at best, weapons to be used in an illusory war.


Lindblum, as the capital of Deist, boasts to be the oldest standing city in Gaia with most of its older structures still intact. While other countries have had to rebuild or update their cities' framework in order to stay relevant, their tenets of frugality and efficiency to save for military spending has helped shape the city into a formidable metropolis. Deist is proud of its endurance against time and war alike. Lindblum, at first glance, is archaic with anachronistic architecture that seems a little out of place. The city, however, possesses an incredibly advanced infrastructure with the latest technological advances.


Home to the auxiliary fleets of the Dominion's military, Baron began as a fort that housed the military overflow from the capital. Like any burgeoning city, Baron had its share of growing pains. It needed a support system; and so, a settlement bloomed around the fort. Baron integrated the settlement and it grew into its present-day form — a military city with a focus on training and efficiency. Complete with barracks, academies, and state-of-the-art facilities, it is seen as a "little brother" to Lindblum as soldiers come and go as if it were their second home. Baron and Lindblum share a similar atmosphere, a fact the soldiers take to heart.


Many of the cities within Deist hold staunchly to its military origins and highly structured regimens; however, Dollet veers away from this tradition. Due to the city's warm coastal climate and beautiful scenery, many tourists flock there to rid themselves of the (sometimes) dreary pomp and circumstance that enthralls Deist more often than not. Wealthy retirees and their families make up most of the population of Dollet, making this city one of leisure. Between the high-end resorts, sandy beaches and other varied attractions, Dollet has become well known for being a place to escape your woes for a little recuperation.


Troia is a bit of an oddity, in that it is a completely matriarchal society in a historically patriarchal country. Located in the forests of Deist, their favorable location near the only fertile soil makes them the sole guardian of its agriculture. While Deist values gender equality as long as they contribute their strength to the country, Troian men are known to hold women in higher regard than the rest of their comrades. Ruled by a council of eight powerful women, Troia has shown that it is an integral part of the military. Many legendary female soldiers, outright surpassing their male peers, have come from this city.


Compared to other places, Easterly stands out because it almost seems to brim with a "small town" feeling. The layout of the town leans more towards quaint houses and small patches of land with plenty of flora. Much of their economy revolves around shipping, fishing, and trade from the smaller towns that litter the islands to its larger neighbors. However, never let it be said that Easterly is an easy target for attack. There is an impressive Dominion underwater training facility for their Dragoon battalions to help perfect their battle tactics, all of which are linked through several secret tunnels.


Also known as "The Watchtower", Fargabaad was built into the peak of Mount Kolts by order of a former Admiral. Their goal was to help quell the threat of the beasts that strayed from the Veldt by acting as a lookout for the corridor between Figaro, Cornelia, and Deist. Simply put, Fargabaad is a town within a fortress. The conditions on the mountain are harsh, with brutal weather being a constant reminder that the mountain is a cruel mistress. While some choose to serve in Fargabaad, it's common to send others as a result of disciplinary action. The lack of entertainment makes them cultivate new and "interesting" hobbies.