LEADER: Prime Minister Fatima van Houtenimage
Cornelia has always been a nation concerned with the acquisition of knowledge. A republic since its founding, the Prime Minister along with the House of Sages forms the government. Cornelia is famous (or infamous) for its policy of neutrality. While this has helped create peacekeeping missions across Gaia, it has often soured relations with its neighbors. The House of Sages is bitterly divided, with the majority calling for more isolationist policies and a growing number of dissidents calling for the opening of its borders. The schools of Cornelia have begun taking sides.


Cradled in the fertile southern valley of the Germinas Mountains, Modeoheim has the distinction of being one of the most diverse cities in Gaia. It is a confluence of several cultures and scholastic attitudes, the latter of which has cultivated a sort of friendly rivalry between the schools of thought. It hosts a multitude of universities that cater to all kinds of students, from the upper class nobility to the commoners attending through scholarships, all of whom are looking to study subjects that include white and black magic, more science-driven disciplines like magitechnics and engineering, archaeology, or even trades.


Narshe is a major trading hub with a background in mining and industry. The nearby mountains host the only winter-hardy grains in Gaia, making Narshe popular for its exporting of high-quality alcohol. Known for its tightknit community of masterful tradesmen, the city is a veritable who's who of tradecraft. The chances that your blacksmith will know an armorer, tucked away in a back alley with good prices, are extremely high. If someone needs something crafted or smithed, Narshe is, by and large, their first choice. The precious metals from the mines have made Narshe's jewelry renowned for its quality.


Balamb is located between the capital cities of Modeoheim and Royal City Figaro. Located on the edge of the Veldt, it is not always the safest place to visit. Travelers are often attacked by roaming beasts. Due to this, the city retains a high wall along with their elite battalion of Veldtwardens, their vigilant watchmen. Balamb's citizens are anything but ordinary, the majority are highly-skilled huntsmen and trackers trained in a combination of battle tactics, combat application and bestiary knowledge. Originally founded as a place to study wildlife, they have learned the secrets of harnessing the powers of the beasts.

Esto Gaza

The northernmost settlement in Gaia, Esto Gaza is a town infused with a love for astronomy and mathematics. Good weather and clear skies dominates its seasons, with long, cold winters and short, cool summers. It boasts some of the most amazing vistas on the planet, the most famous being the Starlet's Sigh, a biannual auroral cascade that takes up the entire night sky in a variety of colors. Esto Gaza is the foremost authority on both atmospheric and seismic phenomena, a developing area of study that allows researchers in the town to crudely anticipate upcoming large-scale events from high atop Bugenhagen Observatory.

Icicle Inn

Although its name might stir up visions of a quaint little bed-and-breakfast, Icicle Inn deceives the wary traveler until they see the cozy town on the side of a snowcapped mountain. There is no hustle and bustle, the foot traffic in the town is slow enough that life here halts to a simple, warm existence. Some scholars have been known to retire here as the commotion of Modeoheim finally erodes their willpower. Generally, people will seek Icicle Inn for a bit of quiet introspection and study. Icicle Inn is the last stop for pilgrims to replenish supplies before their precarious journey eastward through the mountains to the Ice Temple.