LEADER: Emperor Seigel IIIimage
Archadia was a republic until Ulyssian brought all of the Eastern Continent under his control and crowned himself Emperor. Early imperial expansion compelled Archadia to conquer most of Eblan and try to secure a foothold in Solheim, both of which were liberated in a tense war. The Council, established around Archadia's republic era, has little power due to the absolute rule of the Emperor. Some opinions toward Archadia have been tempered by decades of peace. However, the debate about potential Archadian schemes continues as no one knows what brews deep within its borders.


The grandiose capital of the Archadian Empire, Vector is the culmination of the entire country's achievements wrought into a gilded metropolis. Vector is vanity personified and, for the most part, it shows in its layout. Floating "satellite" islands, ranging from residential blocks to corporate skyscrapers, orbit around the city like a strange solar system. While the rich waltz in their floating chateaus, the city below teems with those of lesser means. Overpopulation has become a significant problem under the Holberg dynasty and the Emperor and his council have been trying to find ways to offset it, whether the country likes it or not.


The nexus of all things magitek and mechanical, most of Goug's inhabitants thrive on surveying the old to invent the new. It is the home of the Expedition League, a group of explorers, excavators, and adventurers. The members get sent out into the world to bring back found artifacts to the Archadian homeland. Then, they study, catalog, and date their discoveries in order to maintain the Imperial Archives, Archadia's fount of knowledge regarding Gaia's technological advances in recorded history. In most intellectual circles, the city's scholars are always rumored to have knowledge that most of the modern world will never know.


The future of Archadia's military might rests in the hands of the city of Warjilis. It was established by the first Archadian emperors as the primary training grounds for soldiers of all types, from the grunts in the Imperial Academy to the foundling Judges in the Schola Orlandus. The focused design of Warjilis, cleverly manufactured and manipulated by Vector to run like a machine, has made its people a force to be reckoned with. Having more armories and test facilities per square mile than any other city in Archadia, the mortality rate is a cause for concern. Despite this, morale and the Emperor's approval rating remains high.


The cornerstone of Arcadia's manufacturing sector, Esthar and its sea of illuminated towers creates an intimidating image from the western shore. The city's population are the cogs that hold Archadia and its economy together; a strong and prideful workforce that is quick to boast that every Archadian product is, with very good odds, actually Estharian. Most of its inhabitants work to maintain a smooth workflow within the tower. The airspace around Esthar and its surrounding plants is particularly dangerous for non-Archadian airships, as residual lightning-aspected interference from the spires radiates into the skies.


With its name on the tip of every aspiring entertainer's tongue, Jidoor is a thespian's paradise. Situated on the rolling hills of eastern Archadia, the town is known for its congested (and monstrous) social calendar with a wide variety of events such as symphonies, plays and beautiful galas. Jidoor has seen fit to appropriate different cultural traditions to add spice to their parties, to the extent that their art exhibitions will host masterpieces on indefinite loan from other countries. Every season is social season in Jidoor and woe is you if you stay home, as everyone else will be heading off to the next society ball.